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Why I am writing a blog? Its as much a journal for me as for you to read. I don’t know if this first post will also be my last but I’ll just see what happens. Initially the purpose of this is to chart my progress leading up to the British Legion London to Paris Poppycycle (Yes you read that right London to Paris!). I wanted to set myself a target and wanted to excercise more regularly. Today I heard that my application was successful so no going back.

I have recently bought a new bike a “Giant OCR 4” road bike. I am trying to get out every weekend and once we get longer days evenings too.

So todays stats

Route – Matfield – Paddock Wood – Horsemonden – Goudhurst (a brief stop in the tea rooms!) – Horsemonden – Brenchley – Matfield

Distance -18.08 Miles

Max Speed – 33.00 mph

Time – 1hr 47 mins 9 secs

Average Speed 10 mph

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this (hopefull I will write again.) If you do read this leave a comment or drop an email, it would be great to know that someone sees this.

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