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You will have noticed with the move to a domain a few changes to the page, I am enjoying playing with themes and to make the site look and do what I want, though it can be frustrating at times!

You will have also noticed (unless you have an adblocker) adverts and an Amazon search box on the site, I love reading books and watching DVD’s so I will start to do Amazon recommendations. This is also a little experiment in alternative fund-raising techniques.

I am struggling with whether to keep this site solely about my cycle to Paris or to branch out and blog about anything and everything that interests me. I am finding that writing about my routes each week, while interesting to me can be a bit repetitive and possibly boring to read, so I feel I should put in a few random posts in to spice things up and provide some variety for readers, but of course my key focus will still be the pedal to Paris!!

To pedal to Paris I will need to eat healthy! My favourite TV chef (should that be the only TV chef I watch) is Gordon Ramsay, and he has a new Healthy eating book out! So this is my Amazon recommendation for the week! Also at £9.99 this is a bargain, I cannot find it cheaper anywhere else. If this book does not interest you, why not use the Amazon search bar to the right to find something else to treat yourself with!

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