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Already, another book review.  Commuting to work every day usually I am listening to music, doing the Metro’s Sudoku or sleeping!  But yesterday I took a book with me.  One day later and I’ve finished reading a little over 400 pages.  Once I get into a good book I find it hard to put it down!  This was page turner from the start!

From the back cover

They found him in Ponta Pora, a pleasant little town in Brazil, on the border of Paraguay, in a land still known as the Frontier.

They watched Danilo Silva for days before they finally grabbed him. He was living alone, a quiet life on a shady street in Brazil; a simple life in a modest home, certainly not one of luxury. Certainly no evidence of the fortune they thought he had stolen. He was much thinner and his face had been altered. He spoke a different language, and spoke it very well. But Danilo had a past with many chapters.

Four years earlier he had been Patrick Lanigan, a young partner in a prominent Biloxi law firm. He had a pretty wife, a new daughter, and a bright future. Then one cold winter night Patrick was trapped in a burning car and died a horrible death. When he was buried his casket held nothing more than his ashes.From a short distance away, Patrick watched his own burial. Then he fled. Six weeks later, a fortune was stolen from his ex-law firm’s offshore account. And Patrick fled some more.But they found him.

This is my first book review of a fictional book and I am unsure how to pitch this review.  I think I have decided to pitch it as a review to tempt you to read the book rather than say too much about the book and spoil it.

Perhaps I’m not the best reviewer of fictional books because I like most of the ones I read, perhaps I just read the ones I know I will like!  John Grisham has written many legal thrillers which I have read many of.  While his books are legally quite accurate he doesn’t bog you down in legalise but keeps the story moving fast.

As above The Partner focusses on the story of Patrick Lanigan who faked his death and stole £90 million dollars from his law firm.  They hunted him for four years before they found him and brought him back to face charges.

The majority of the book focuses on Patrick’s legal fight against the FBI, state officials, insurance companies, his ex wife.  From the start you are seduced by his new life in Ponta Pora, and want him to get away with it but you can’t see how he could!

As the book progresses I picked up hints of future twists but was kept hanging on to the end.

I really enjoyed this book and think it is a great example of John Grisham’s work.

There’s more I want to say but should stop before I give anything away!

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