Saturday Night Live

All the American news is centred around the election.  Everything I hear is about personality rather than polices and ideals.

The candidates have been taken off may times on comedy shows which sometimes are reported more than the actual candidates.  One such show is Saturday Night Live.  Saturday Night Live has been a training ground for many great comedians and actors including Will Ferrell and Mike Myers.  Tina Fey has written for the show since 1997 and once made up has a remarkable likeness to Governor Sarah Palin.

I love the following sketch of the Vice Presidential Debate.  Although written here as a comedy sketch a remarkable amount echoes the true debate.

With them poking at Sarah Palin so much she decided to go on the show herself.  Here is the opening

Its funny, you’d never really see a British minister on a show like this.  I can’t tell whether this humanises Palin or just makes her look silly and not a serious candidate.

Lets leave the last word with Jon Stewart, my number 1 source of American news!

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