A WHSmith Clubcard Update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote and article entitled The end of the WHSmiths Clubcard.  While you have until the 29th February to use up your points, my card is now dead!  I visited a WHSmiths today (not my local) and attempted to get the best deals I could to use my points.

I went in without a clear idea what I wanted to buy, I knew I wanted a book but I wanted to treat myself to something I want/liked the look of rather than something I needed.

In the end I picked a couple of cook books.  Cook books are always an impulse purchase for me!  I must make an effort to use them!  I have so many cook books which I only use one page of!!

The books were Gary Rhodes Time to Eat

Click to buy from Gary Rhodes Time to Eat Amazon

I chose this book because it is organised by the time it takes to cook each dish.  Getting home late from work I hope this will develop the breadth of food I cook by allowing me to find more interesting dishes which are quick to cook – though the times in the book go right up to “cooking for pleasure when time doesn’t matter” so good for the weekends too!

I also bought The BBC Good Food book – The Collection 480+ Triple-Tested Recipes

Click here to buy The BBC Good Food book – The Collection 480+ Triple-Tested Recipes from WHSmiths

This was also an impulse purchase.  It just looked like a great “Library” of recipes.  Over 480 recipes with a simple layout and nice images.

Also I bought them both for the deal!

Time to Eat was £25 down to £9.99

The Collection was £25 down to £7.99

Now that I have joined the WHSmiths Privilege Club (The Clubcard replacement) I had a 20% off anything voucher which saved £3.60

I thought I had about £7 on my clubcard so I was very surprised and pleased to hear I had £12.13 – I’d love to know when I opened my card!  Must be among the originals!

That left just £2.25 to pay.  Not bad!

So for me at least The Clubcard is now dead!  Interestingly talking to a sales assistant they quoted the stat that only 1% of their customers now use their clubcards.  I can quite believe this.  As I previously have discussed I don’t feel that the card incentives you enough.  Customers have so much plastic they forget about the WHSmiths scheme or are mainly shopping on price and as the benefit from the scheme is one in the future it doesn’t really come into the purchasing decision of where to buy.  I have never bought from WHSmiths because  I had a Clubcard, but because of the price or range available.

I think WHSmiths new Privilege scheme could be really successful in helping them increase customer numbers and potentially basket size from it.  Buy offering vouchers which are used monthly at the time of purchase this is a Call to Action for customers to come into to store and buy where as points never drove you to the store where just a bonus afterwards.  I just can’t work out why a email based scheme won’t let you use its vouchers online!!!

What do you think?  How many loyalty cards do you have?  Do you choose your stores because of the rewards?  Leave a comment and share your views.

My clubcard is now relegated to my office desk and its small place in History!

Anyway I’m off to the Kitchen – Anyone want to pop over for supper?

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