A New Look to the Barsley Brief

The Barsley Brief has transformed again.  now into its third new look this year.

I wanted to change the look, feel and usability of this site because I feel it grew and met constraints in its old form.  Also I just didn’t like the look and feel.

The primary change is that rather than a “blog” format (just a long page of articles) I now using a newspaper format.  I think this is much better for navigation as a user doesn’t just see a long list of posts but can like a magazine look at they favourite category.  At the moment I have the categories Books, Cycling, Musings and Web Links.

The layout has also changed allowing the whole page to be used as Content areas rather than two large empty borders each side.

I am particularly pleased with the homepage which includes statistics at the bottom of most viewed and most comments posts.

I’d love to know any ideas or thoughts you have!

Thanks for reading!!

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