Michael Crichton 1942-2008

Very sadly Michael Crichton passed away last week.  I wanted to write a post as I have enjoyed many of his books.

My favourite is Airframe, I love this book for detail that he goes into without overwhelming the reader with technical information.  He turns what could be a very dry subject of accident information into a page turner, using enough technical terms and information to feel you are well informed and reading also a factual book but still keeping the book a brilliant page turner.

Other Michael Crichton books I own or have read include:-

  • The Andromeda Strain – One of his early books, very technical and I found it a tough read but interesting never the less.
  • The Great Train Robbery – Really good book
  • Congo – My first Michael Crichton book
  • Sphere
  • Jurassic Park – So much better than the film.  When given the choice I would always read a book before / instead of seeing the film.  Your imagination is so much more powerful and the book is so much deeper
  • Rising Sun
  • The Lost World
  • Timeline – A really interesting premise of Time travel to the medieval times
  • Prey
  • State of Fear
  • Next

I know I will enjoy reading Michael Crichton’s books for many years to come, every reread gives me an additional insight.  I urge anyone who hasn’t read his books to pick one up.  Covering so many subjects you will easily be able to find something you love!

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