2008 Round up

As we approach the end of 2008 I felt I should post a short post to round off 2008 – The year of the Potato!


Back in January I resolved to get fitter, to motivate me to this end I signed up to the Royal British Legion 2008 Poppy Cycle to Paris.  In January it seemed like a long time off – it wasn’t until September that the cycle started but I wuickly started training.  I soon bought a new bike a Giant OCR 4 (road / race bike) and almost every week went into Evernden Cycles to accesorse it!

I was rather slow on my bike to begin with, looking at one of my posts from February I was struggling to complete 30 miles.  That soon changed though and my furthest training was 76 miles to Farnham, in 5 1/2 hours.

Then in September I completed the Pedal to Paris, 283 miles in 4 days.

Over the year I have cycled 1526 miles acording to my speedometer.  For 2009 I am going to aim to cycle 1000 miles – a drop I know but I am not currently planning any big multiday events and want to set an achieveable goal.


I have completed most of the renovations and decorating on my house over 2008 and am enjoying living in it.  Currently I am stocking it with pots and pans and other necessities – I wasnt short of ideas for Christmas this year!

For 2009 I want to finish the house – although is a house ever finished!  For me this means all the little touches, light fittings, doors, skirting boards, window sills oh and a dining room floor!  Also I want to start work on the garden/


I started this website “The Barsley Brief” back in January 2008 and have written 76 posts since then.  I have enjoyed writing about my cycle to Paris but am now sometimes at a loss at what to write about.  I think I will continue into 2009 writing book reviews and my views on news and events.  A challange for me will be to move server when my current contract expires.

Though the Barsley Brief is not my only website, I became captiavted with the idea of affiliate marketing.  To explain what this is I’ll used the example of Confused.com, many people go there to get car insurance comparisons.  If you use them and then sign up for a insurance plan that they suggest they will recieve a commison from the insurance provider for selling their insurance plan.

I started out along this route with no real expectations, as I didn’t believe that it is possible for one person to make a really difference among so many large affiliate companies.  To date I have 3 completely unique affiliate marketing websites with mixed success, but not ready to retire yet.  Aim for 2009 – that they break even (pay for the web hosting £60)

Wishing you all a great 2009!


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