Darkest Days Stanley Gallon

After a spell of not really reading I am back into reading books again.  I found Darkest Days by Stanley Gallon on a friends book shelf and he kindly let me borrow it.

Darkest Days - Stanley Gallon
Darkest Days - Stanley Gallon

What interested me in this book was the blurb on the back…

Air Force One crashes into the sea, with the US President aboard. Is it an accident?

Yellowstone National Park erupts in the most devastating volcanic catastrophe ever known. But, when evidence points to foreign terrorists, vengeance is swift and merciless.

Guided by ruthless commercial interests, a new American President imposes martial law on a starving, demoralized population and plunges the nation into an overseas race against Russia and China to seize control of the world’s most valuable remaining natural resources.

Darkness falls across the globe, society collapses, liberty vanishes, and soon forces wielding unfettered power are transforming the United States into the greatest threat to global survival.

After months of isolation in the Sudanese desert, Lieutenant Adam Burch learns that his parents have gone missing. Risking execution, he deserts his post and journeys back home to a shocking new American landscape. There he uncovers the chilling truth behind an imperialistic agenda responsible for casually extinguishing the lives of millions through starvation, enforced slavery and nuclear reprisal. Despite what Adam learns, it may already be too late, to rescue the world from its …


This is a very different Thriller book to those that I normally read.  Normally I would read Vince Flynn or Tom Clancy, which are classic CIA spy novels, this book is much more political, looking at what would happen if corporations ran the Whitehouse and a President only had self interest and greed.

The Eruption of Yellowstone leads to a nuclear winter and War over Earth’s remaining resources, in America there is enforced slavery and work camps.  The story follows both the President and his seemingly unstoppable attack on everything, and the few who are trying to stop him.

At first I found this a little difficult to follow as there were several stories running parallel but as they entwined I couldn’t put the book down, which even led to me sitting at Baker Street station to finish those last few pages before walking into work!

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