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One of my aims for 2009 is to learn photography.  What do I mean by “learn photography” – Sounds like quite a vague statement!  A couple of years ago I bought a Canon 400D Digital SLR Camera (which has now been supersceded by the 450D)  But since buying this camera I have never taken a (halfway decent) photo using a manual setting.

So my aims are two fold – On the one hand I want to learn how does the camera work, what do the settings mean.

On the other hand I want to understand how to take a picture, what makes a good picture etc etc.

I’ve started some research this weekend but haven’t taken any pictures (pouring with rain outside).

I have a couple of books which I am using.

40 Digital Photography Techniques
40 Digital Photography Techniques

40 Digital Photography Techniques does exactly what it says on the tin, well cover!  It has 40 techniques from controlling exposure right up to more specific techniques such as photographing food.

The Book of Digital Photography
The Book of Digital Photography

The Book of Digital Photography is an incredibly detailed book of photography.  It has 320 pages and is one of Amazons most popular photography books.

Reading these books (which were both Christmas Gifts (not this Christmas!)) it feels very much like you are being thrown in at the deep end, The books are organised by subject so it can be a little overwhelming at first to work out how to put everything together.

Searching on the web I discovered a website called http://www.morguefile.com.  The site is currently down (doh!) but it contains a classroom section which is for those who are new to photography.  The reason I like this as a way of learning is it is much more practical.  It splits the basics into ten lessons (lessons are free they are just web pages of information and images) and after each lesson there is a practical section with a task to complete, I think this will be a great way to learn the basics and then the books will help me develop that further.

Just hoping for some sun next weekend to get out photographing!

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