The Daily Dilbert and Online Customer Reviews

One of the RSS feeds I subscribe too is the Daily Dilbert.  I enjoyed today’s cartoon so much that I felt I had to put finger to keyboard.  Here it is…

I particularly liked this cartoon as I attended a seminar last year discussing customer reviews for eCommerce sites.  The most known use of customer reviews is Amazon.  I have been in the habit of rating everything I buy on Amazon, it is quick an easy to do by just clicking a star or if you have longer you can write a full review.

But obviously if your the retailer bad reviews could damage your sales, I have seen on sites before reviews warning that the product isn’t as advertised, or that it fell apart or just the user didn’t like it.  Also I have seen reviews which gave me the tipping point I needed to buy – Eg giving a bit more information into the specs or talking about the ease of use etc.

I know several companies encourage their staff to write reviews.  This can be a good idea if it is a flagged that the writer is a staff member.  Often staff who work with the product may be able to provide a greater insight into the product and give more reasons to buy.  However I’m sure companies are also out with their staff writing how great everything is!

Customer reviews are a great benefit to other customers but they can also help retailers too!  A good retailer will analyse their one and two star reviews and look at how they can re engineer their products to be better and meet your customers expectations.

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