Formula One’s coming home to the BBC

We’ve known for some time that the 2009 season of Formula One will be on the BBC, back after 12 long years!  What we didn’t know was the format of the show on the BBC.  Well wonder no more.  Obviously and most importantly there will be no advert breaks.  If this was all the BBC did, just showed the race no adverts but nothing else either I would consider it an improvement!  But they are doing so much more!

All 17 races and qualifying sessions will be shown Live on BBC One (except Brazil which will be on BBC Two0

Every single on track session (Friday Practice etc) can be watched using the Red button interactive channels

Jake Humphrey will present the TV coverage, joined by 13-time Grand Prix winner David Coulthard and former team boss Eddie Jordan as pundits.

Jonathan Legard will commentate alongside award-winning broadcaster and former F1 driver Martin Brundle.

The pit lane reporters will be Ted Kravitz and Lee McKenzie.

Most excitingly you will be able to customise your viewing experience through the BBC’s multi-platform offering with options such as: split-screen action; a live leaderboard; in-car cameras; choice of commentary; live online streaming; live text; interactive forums; circuit guides; and blogs.

The first race is on 27th March so at the time of writing just a month to go!

Rule Changes

I would write all of the rule changes out but I can’t do it as well as this video by Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel

Enjoy the new season!  Staying up / Getting up early for the first race??

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