Breadmaker Day 2

After yesterday’s average attempt at making bread I tried again today.  I used the same recipe except the large loaf version of it.  I set it going and instantly made mistake one of using a breadmaker, yes you guessed it, I forgot to put the mixing paddle in.  I switched it off and quickly dug a hole in the mix to jam the paddle in.  I later found it was a nightmare to remove the paddle as it had stuck on.

But coming back after an hour or so I could see a great difference to yesterday, the dough was much more doughy, yesterday I think there was a bit too much liquid.  I think yesterday I may have got slightly confused with my scale measurements!  Today the loaf rose well and here is the finished loaf.


Very pleased that I can make a proper loaf of bread, however I don’t think the Kenwood reciepes are that good.  I’m looking at getting a bread making book, probably Fresh Bread in the Morning from Your Bread Machine.  Reading the Amazon comments echoes my thoughts that the bread maker recipes which come with the bread machine are rather odd, containing Skimmed milk powder, butter and sugar.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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