Rhett and Link

Listening to Net at Night, Amber and Leo interview Link from the comedy duo Rhett and Link.  So I decided to check out their You Tube page and blog.  Their best videos in my opinion are either songs or commercials and they have worked with some big companies like Taco Bell to produce fun viral ads.  Here are a few of my favourites.

The Fast food Folk song was recorded for Taco Bell, although the employees at the branch they hit didn’t know this.  I can’t believe they managed to take down the full order!

The Facebook song, Very funny!

Pimp my stroller, a hilarious parody, I imagine some TV executives would seriously consider it.

How to sneak on the Grammy Red Carpet!  “Just follow someone recognisable!”  It’s amazing how far they get with no security check and then what the celebrities will do to be seen!

Find Rhett and Link on Youtube Here

Rhett and Link’s official site.

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