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I haven’t posted much lately so this post is a catch up to mention several things that have caught my attention lately.

Facebook introduces usernames

Facebook have now introduced usernames.  This doesn’t make a huge difference to the site itself but does mean that if you want to link people to your page you now can have an easy permalink such as  It will be interesting to see how this develops over the next few months and if the site evolves more.  Get your  username here

TV Licencing

June is going to be an expensive month!  It seems most of my quarterly bills have come through plus my TV licence (which means I have physically lived in my house for a year) and car insurance.

I seriously considered not renewing my TV Licence.  I would not be a license evader I would just not have a TV.  The TV licence only covers live broadcast TV (Source MoneySavingExpert) and not prerecorded TV available on the BBC iPlayer.  I find I very rarely sit down in the lounge and watch TV.  Usually I watch most of my TV on my PC while checking my emails / surfing the net etc.  For example as I write this I am watching last nights “Have I got news for you” on the BBC iPlayer which doesn’t require a TV licence.

The only times I actually watch the TV in my living room are occasionally when I have breakfast / supper, I’ll watch BBC News or something on Dave.

However I will renew my licence for two reasons.

  • Reason One – The hassle of trying to convince TV licencing that you don’t have a TV.
  • Reason Two – I want a TV in my living room for the Xbox and DVD player which I am sure I use more than the TV channels!

I do like the fact that the BBC are advert free – especially for sports.  But I think it is a little unfair that it doesn’t cover the iPlayer.  Surely it should cover all BBC media outlets or none?

New TV?

On a related note I am soooo tempted by this Samsung TV.  40″ with a stand and 5 year guarantee all for £699.  If it was £599 I would snap it up but £699 is still a great deal for the TV just slightly more than I would want to spend on one.  I may wait and see what happens in the sales.

Competition time

As you may know I run the website, a Brawn F1 fan site.  I was delighted to be contacted by Vodafone this week to create a competition on the site for it’s readers to win 3 day tickets to the British Grand Prix.  I am giving away a pair of tickets.  Its a fantastic prize and a great year to go with Jenson Button doing so well and the fact it may be / is the last time the race will be held at Silverstone.  Competition closes midday 14th June

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