Head First HTML with CSS & XHMTL

Although I am a strong WordPress fan with several wordpress sites, which apart from basic set up require no Web knowledge to use, I wanted to learn the language of the Web, specifically XHTML and CSS.

I have three reasons for doing this :-

  • To be able to make basic changes to the WordPress themes I use
  • To be able to make my own websites from scratch
  • To enhance my understanding of the internet, websites, etc

I chose the book Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML for this after reading several Amazon reviews and have been very pleased with the book.  Each chapter of the book teaches a different area and the books website provides free materials (HTML and CSS examples) so that you can build the sites and develop them chapter through chapter,

I found this really key, learning HTML is like learning a whole language (something I haven’t been good at!)  so I believe it is important to walk through these test sites seeing them develop chapter by chapter rather than jumping into your own site.

That said, this book isn’t for everyone, as the book states this is not for a “kick-butt web developer looking for a reference book” (though marketing say it is for anyone with a credit card) as it walks you through HTML, XHTML & CSS in a logical order rather than being a reference book you can easily flick back to.

Please leave a comment if you are aware of any books which should be my next step – I feel this book has given me a great knowledge of the “grammer and structure” of HTML & CSS but am now looking for a book which I can flick through to find the attributes etc while setting up a new site.

My next steps –

I’ve got a couple of site ideas that I’m working on, I am hoping to make these into hand coded sites, WordPress is great for blogs, but for “real” websites, I think either the site should be hand made, or built off of an advanced CMS system, either way HTML, CSS & XHTML would be an asset.

Also I have started reading Head first Web Design to learn more about the process of setting up a site, planning the process, layout colours etc

Leave a comment and let me know your favourite web books or anything you want to say!

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