My Links for July 2nd through August 4th

These are my web picks for July 2nd through August 4th:

  • YouTube – iPhone4 vs HTC Evo – A brilliantly funny conversation of a typical iPhone customer with a mobile salesman. “I don’t care” what the HTC does “I want an iPhone” even if its a brick!
  • Google Me social networking rumour is “very real” – Reckons rival Facebook’s ex CTO | TechEye – Google to start a facebook rival, it makes a lot of sense, but will it work? Google could have a second mover advantage and take heed of facebook’s mistakes. But will people use it? I don’t know. I don’t really want the hassle of maintaining 2 social networks, social networks have come and gone before, but is Facebook just too big to take down?`
  • YouTube – Mark Webber Parliament Square F1 Pit Stop w/ Red Bull Racing (Full Version) – I’m not entirely sure the reason for doing this, but why not! Red Bull racing driver Mark Webber make a 6am pit stop outside the Houses of Parliament.
  • BBC News – iPhone 4 signal fault leaves Apple ‘stunned’ – An unbelievable story, the fault with the iPhone 4 is that it is normally displaying too many bars, so when you hold it and the bars go right down, actually you were already in a low signal area. <br />
    While I am sure that this could be true, surely many people have had other phones and had no signal issues at all! Is this just that the iPhone is an amazing MP3 player, pocket PC, gaming device, etc etc etc but not that good a phone.<br />
    Perhaps next year they’ll release an iPhone without the phone! ….. Wait a moment, that’s the iPad.

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