Tweets for the week ending 11th June 2011

I find Twitter great for keeping in touch with the news and thoughts of industry leaders, press and more, but at just 140 characters a poor way to interact and comment.  So here are my tweets and retweets expanded with my thoughts – Follow me @CharlesBarsley

6th June – SEO benefits of user reviews > With such choice online, reviews are the deciding point for me to purchase so essential!

As I said in the tweet buying any product which I am not familiar with reviews will be the deciding point for me, just last week I bought a set of Car Jumpleads which I know almost nothing about, so it was the reviews which both educated me on what to look for and which to buy.

As to their SEO benefit I think reviews can be a great way on often generic products to differentiate your page content from that of your competitors.  Also the reviews are likely to include a lot of the wording that you may be likely to search for but may not be in the product name.

6th June – ASOS adopts ‘summer hours’ policy for staff #in > interesting, being only Friday probably adds to culture and satisfaction for a minimal loss of output

Ok so I cheated on this one and used to extend over 140 characters.  I enjoyed reading the thoughts of the Directors of Opinion Panel.  I agree that allowing staff to leave early on a Friday is likely to be a big boost to moral, enhances ASOS’s culture, and makes them a place people want to work.

However, at the end of Autumn it will put a bit of a downer on things to have to work till close when they end this Summer scheme.  Also – Surely a web operation is 24-7, particularly in the Social spaces, Friday afternoon could be a key time for them to enagage with shoppers.

8th June – RT mrchrisaddison Google Ads sent me a message telling me they are the most effective form of advertising my website. They sent it by letter. Point defeated.

A humorous post by Comedian Chris Adddison, not a month goes by when I don’t get letters about Google Ads either!

8th June – Why a negative review may not be so bad after all –

A fairly standard argument here about what one person may dislike in a product or service may be exactly what another loves.  However illustrated well with the YouTube clip of the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain who firmly stand by their no mobile phone policy! – You Tube clip NSFW

9th June – RT retailweek In case you missed it earlier – 10 lessons to learn from @Asos

No let all your staff leave at 3pm isn’t on the list!  A sensible rounded list of some of the areas that ASOS have invested in early and seen dividends, including International, Mobile, Delivery and Engagement.

10th June – RT retailweek 50 websites to watch

A great list if you want some inspiration, ideas, and to see what is happening in the industry.  Each of the 50 companies is suggested by a etailer themselves, with a nice snippet of what they’re doing that makes the site number one for them.

10th June – Javari provides the best customer experience: study

As Graham Charlton writes, I too find Javari a bit uninspiring, perhaps its the beige colour scheme, however behind this they make their site incredibly simple to navigate and use and there’s a lot to be learnt from this.

10th June – Examples of Online Changing rooms – H&M – Impressive that you can swivel the model for a back view

We’re seeing more and more online retailers, trying a changing room approach, This is a link to a Snow Patrol review of a couple, I think they do have a strong purpose in that you can see the length of a garment and the fit, but I’m torn whether a “changing room” approach, which does allow you to mix and match outfits really adds to conversion over a lifestyle shot model image.

10th June – Customer Reviews – Erasing authenticity: When correcting is corrupting

The last tweet this week is for a Bazaarvoice Blog post, in response to Zappos (another Amazon company) announcing they would correct customer reviews for spelling and grammar, I am with Bazaarvoice that the customers complete review mistakes and all should be shown, otherwise you loose the authenticity and authority of that customers review.  Though I have seen some shockers for spelling and grammar in the past!

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