Over Optimisation? Getting SEO “Just Right”

This week there has been a lot of discussion and supposition among webmasters and SEO’s about over optimisation.  Earlier this week many webmasters reported that their sites had encountered massive drops in rankings or were even delisted.

The theory was this was a new Google “Over Optimisation Penalty” or a Google Unnatural link penalty, as recently Matt Cutts (Google’s Head of Webspam)  commented that Google would be looking at sites which had overoptimised and Webmasters have been receiving messages (through the Webmasters Tools) regarding unnatural links that google has detected.

Later in the week though Matt Cutts clarified https://twitter.com/#!/mattcutts/status/192746565574721536 that there was an error in their algorithm which was marking some live domains as parked.

So where does that leave us?  Not everyone believes things are back to normal, and indeed many SEO’s are writing that this may have been a test of a google algorithm not a mistake.  Either way it is generally believed that google will start to penalise “Over Optimisation”.  So how do you get your SEO “just right”, not to hot, not to cold but just right.  Well SEOBook.com have published the Goldilocks SEO Infographic.

This infographic looks at different elements of Search Engine Optimisation and details what would be too much, and what wouldn’t be enough.   I think I can summarise this by saying just use your common sense, if it looks spammy or has only an SEO purpose, then expect google to treat it that way!

What are your tips for getting SEO “Just Right”?  Leave a comment

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