Kmart – Delivery Video goes Viral

I had to share this commercial from the American firm Kmart.  Getting across the service proposition can be the hardest part for a business.  How do you make it memorable?  How do you make clear your point of difference?  Or even just tell them you offer a service.  Kmart launched the “Ship My Pants” Video 2 weeks ago on You Tube and on American Tv.  In those two weeks it has had over 15 million views.

Kmart’s Video explains a simple concept – “Can’t find it in store, ask a sales assistant and we’ll post it to you with free delivery” The order in store service is perhaps common in the UK, but not many customers would necessarily realise or ask for it.

Kmart succeed with the catchy phrase “Ship my Pants”, slightly risky and it has provoked a few complaints in the comments, but I have never seen a “Delivery / Service” message go so viral before!

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