Uploading a TCX Course to a Garmin Edge 500

I recently treated myself to a new Garmin Edge 500, my old 200 had lasted 6+ years but the battery life just wasn’t what it was so it was time to change.  I signed up to a local bike ride and wanted to import to my garmin the TCX course file and had a nightmare working out how to do this, so thought it worth sharing the method I found.


The Problem

The problem I found was unlike my old garmin, everything is now in the cloud, previously I had a “training centre” software which allowed easy importing of a range of file types.  Now in the cloud with the Garmin Connect I couldn’t find a simple course / route import option.

The Solution

Download your route from your favourite cycling route creation website to your PC.  I have used a .TCX file as this will contain the turn by turn directions etc but you should be able to use a range of file types.

Plug your garmin edge 500 into your computer with the USB cable and power it up.

Then on your PC use the windows explorer to locate the Garmin and explore the folders and files like a hard disk.  You’re looking for a folder called “NewFiles”

Move your TCX file into the Garmin’s New Files folder, safely disconnect your Garmin from the computer and then switch it back on.  You should now see your route listed under the courses.


(I hope this solution has saved you the time it took me to work it out – If you try this with different file types or different models of Garmin let me know in the comments so I can update the instructions.)

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