David Mccandless “Information is Beautiful”

Recently I have been thinking a lot about how to present analytics data so that it is clear and easily understandable.  This got me thinking of my favourite presenters so I thought I would share this video from David Mccandless.

I first heard of David Mccandless when he was a speaker at a Baazarvoice Conference.  He gave a speech similar to this Ted Talk on presenting information…

It’s clear from this presentation how overloaded with data we all are and that comparisons between numbers become meaningless.  The Billion Dollar O Gram is a great example of taking big numbers and distilling it into a very understandable graphic.  I don’t think I’ll be producing quite as stunning graphics – I think there is a balance to be struck between time spent gathering the data and presenting it but hopefully some of the lessons will shine through.

David Mccandless has got 2 books which make great coffee table reading..

Information is Beautiful – £7.99 – A revised edition of the book the above presentation is based on, a great price for a Hardback at £7.99

Knowledge is Beautiful – His new book (Sept 2014)


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