Google Turn by Turn Navigation

I’m probably slightly behind everyone else discovering this  (only recently have I had a “modern” phone powerful enough! but I have just discovered how brilliant Google Maps “turn by turn” Navigation can be.


I have always used a “dumb” Tom Tom before which has no internet connection, and thought this was everything I needed, however always struggled with it when there is a road closure or diversion as it continually tells you to get back on the road you have just left.

This week driving along the M25 there were signs to say heavy delays from junction 6-5.  Stopping at Cobham services (Coffee!!), I loaded up google maps and told it to give me directions to home.  It sat on the dashboard and gave that bit more extra information than you would get from another product “the queue you’re in is a 4 minute delay”, it even said that the route I was on was no longer the fastest route (because everyone was taking the same diversion) so did I want to change route.

Whether or not I got home any faster is hard to say, but despite the heavy delays it took me on routes where I was rarely stationary in traffic so it felt like I was always making good progress,

Then the following day, I programmed it in for a 40 minute route I take regularly, to my surprise it suggested a different route which saved 4 minutes, I don’t know whether 4 minutes is that much different but it showed me even routes you think you know aren’t always the only option / best.

So next time your out on a drive, give google navigation a go.

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