Tesco launches on IFTTT

Today I read that Tesco has launched a channel on IFTTT.  IFTTT (If this then that) is an online service that allows you to connect “triggers” with actions.  These are combined in a “recipe”.

Tesco have launched 2 triggers and 1 action.  If a Tesco Grocerie’s product price changes or if it goes below certain price you can trigger any action on IFTTT.   Alternatively you can set any IFTTT Trigger to add a product to your Tesco Basket.


Some of the recipes that have been popular so far are –

  • If a specific product goes below a set price add to basket
  • Track the price of a product in google drive
  • Enable Alexa voice command to add milk to the basket.

There are few traditional retailers on IFTTT so this will be an interesting case study in how people engage with Tesco through IFTTT and whether it drives commercial success.  Tesco underline their commitment to value with their price based triggers, this could make it easy for shoppers to track the price of adhoc expensive household products and shop only when they are on offer.

If you use IFTTT will you be using the Tesco channel?  Leave a comment

Read more on the Tesco Labs Blog

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