Building a Plant Ladder

This year has been a bit of a year for the garden, the planting from the last few years is all starting to build up and it’s nicely in flower, and now looking for more space for plants the idea of a Ladder planter against the house came up.

I used this video as a basis

I found this video a little frustrating as I would like to be told exact woods to use and dimensions, (surely you would think B&Q would link to the materials).  Though it was good to get me started, I actually went to Wickes and bought some cheap wood as this was to be a bit of trial and error.  I did this with a hand saw which I found wasn’t that easy to cut accurate angles, but all in all happy with the result.  It doesn’t sit quite flat to the wall or ground but I guess this is why the video recommends fixing it to the wall, (and I’m not convinced either the wall or ground is flat anyway!).

So here’s the finished result! –

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