My Favourite Podcasts

Here are some of the podcasts that help my commute speed by, you’ll start to see a theme of business and technology, add your favourites to the comments too as I’m always looking for something new.  In no particular order –

Analytics / Stats

More or Less Behind the Stats – More or Less is a BBC show hosted by Tim Hartford writer of the Undercover Economist, in More or Less the show attempts to make sense of the stats that surround us, exploring stats that are quoted by politicians and newspapers More or Less uncovers if they’re true and where they come from.

Listen to More or Less Behind the Stats here –

The Digital Analytics Power Hour – Tim Wilson and Michael Helbling are your hosts in this weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into different areas of Digital Analytics, they tend to take a tool agnostic approach and discuss getting value out of Analytics, the role of the analyst, and often have guests on to discuss their take on a topic.  If you work in Digital Analytics then this is a must to stay in touch with the news and thoughts of the wider industry

Listen to The Digital Analytics Power Hour here –


How I Built This – I’ve just recently started listening to How I built this which interviews founders on how they built their company.  As an NPR show many of the companies covered are high profile international companies that you would have heard of but often the stories are ones you aren’t aware of.  Some of these include Five Guys, Crate & Barrel, Lyft, Virgin (the list goes on!)

Listen to How I built this here –

Startup – Start up is the story of Starting a business, Alex Blumberg formerly producer of This American Life felt there was a space in the market for in-depth highly produced podcasts, so he formed a podcast company “Gimlet Media”, their launch podcast was “Startup” the story of how he started his business, including making a business plan and getting funding, it’s a fly on the wall journey of the birth of Gimlet Media.  In later series, they cover other companies and updating on their own progress through the series.

Listen to Startup here –

The Bottom Line – The Bottom line is a BBC Radio show hosted by Evan Davis, he tends to have 3 guests and they have a roundtable discussion on a particular business topic.

Listen to The Bottom Line here –

The Marketing Cloudcast – I’m a new listener to the Marketing Cloudcast, it’s a Salesforce podcast hosted by Heike Young.  I am impressed with how this podcast isn’t just a sales pitch for Salesforce but is a truly constructive discussion of marketing best practices and stories of industry successes.

Listen to The Marketing Cloudcast here –

The Pitch – The Pitch is basically an audio dragons den, an entrepreneur pitches their investment opportunity to 4 investors and they ask questions and decide whether or not to invest.  What makes the Pitch different to me is that there is a post pitch interview with the investors to find out what they were really thinking during the pitch, and a check in with the entrepreneur a few weeks or months later to find out what happened next.

Listen to the Pitch here –

Self Improvement

Beyond Busy – Beyond Busy is the podcast of Graham Allcott writer “How to be a Productivity Ninja” which I have previously blogged about here.  In each podcast he interviews/chats with a different person about what makes them successful and how they are productive.  The premise behind the podcast is that it is in part research for his next book.  Some of the interviewees you will have heard of, other are not as well known but have interesting stories and tips.  A few of the episodes which stuck with me include – Chester Osbourn of Australian Winemaker d’Arenberg, Nick Jenkins formerly of Moonpig and Dragons Den, Rob Geraghty who discusses his “Vision 35” a plan to retire at 35.

Listen to Beyond Busy here –


Chequered Flag Formula One – A BBC Radio 5 Live Podcast which features a Preview and Summary Episode for each race.  I follow Formula One less and less now on TV so this podcast gives a snappy and entertaining update on the previous race results and gossip.

Listen to Chequered Flag Formula One here –


Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 – BBC Radio 4’s Friday Night Comedy cycles through a number of different shows, I particularly enjoy Just a Minute and Dead Ringers

Listen to Friday Night Comedy here –

Simon Mayo’s Confessions – Simon Mayos Confessions is a weekly podcast of the daily confessions from Simon Mayos Radio 2 show, viewers write in asking for forgiveness for a usually hilarious series of events which generally they committed in the distant past and haven’t told a soul until now.

Listen to Simon Mayo’s Confessions here –

No Such Thing as a Fish – I wasn’t sure whether No Such Thing as a Fish should be categorised as Comedy or Factual.  It’s a show hosted by the writers and fact checkers of the TV show QI (affectionately known as the QI Elves), each episode has each presenter give a fact that they discovered that week (usually bizarre and niche) and the other elves then try to out do each other with connected facts.  Several shows include live audiences who also contribute facts.

Listen to No Such Thing as a Fish here –


Techs Message UK – Tech’s Message UK is a rarity in that it is a UK based Technology Podcast, hosted by Nate Lanxon this explores technology news with a UK spin, it’s refreshing to hear UK issues (such as broadband access) discussed in a clear and relevant way, rather than other shows which can be too USA centric.

Listen to Tech’s Message UK here –

Wired UK – Wired UK’s podcast is a roundtable discussion of the week’s tech news from the writers of Wired Magazine, as with Techs Message UK, it’s nice that there is a UK slant on the tech news.  In the same feed, they have started including other special shows “Gearhead” and “Upvote”.

Listen to Wired UK podcast here –

This Week in Tech – TWIT was probably the first podcast I listened to, 11 years on its still going strong as host Leo Laporte and a weekly roundtable of technology journalists/insiders discuss the week’s technology news.  An American slant to the news but well worth a listen to keep up to date on all the releases, news and issues in technology.  Check out the rest of the TWIT cast network for most specific niche topic podcasts

Listen to This Week in Tech here –

Other / General Listening

Reply All – I wasn’t sure how to classify Reply All hence the Other category.  Reply All is another podcast from the Gimlet Media network, each episode the show’s hosts and reporters look into a story in detail, it can be hit and miss depending on the story but more hits than misses and some really interesting stories and discoveries.

Listen to Reply All Here –

The Kevin & Ryan Show – The Kevin and Ryan Show is a new show, just 2 episodes in at the point that I write this from Kevin Rose (, Google Ventures) and Ryan Carson (Treehouse).  Both of the hosts have impressive backgrounds and knowledge, the show is just them talking about whatever interests them, to date they have done an episode on Health Hacks, and their favourite software and apps.  The second episode on favourite software is a great one to pick up some new tools.

Listen to The Kevin and Ryan Show here –

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