Decking Board Planter

Following on from the plant ladder that I made around this time last year I have now made a decking board planter.  I wanted a fairly large planter for outside to try and grow some vegetables in, so thought it an opportunity to make something myself.

Parts –

  • 20x95x2400mm Decking Boards x6
  • 15x20x2400mm timber batton x1
  • 2x Compost bags
  • Screws

I went for the slightly smaller decking boards as I thought this would give the size that I wanted, and had some timber battons already so this was effectively free scrap.  Compost bags make a good liner.


I cut 9x 1200mm lengths of the decking – I chose this length as it was half the length of the decking there would be no awkward off cuts, and 6x 25cm lengths for the sides.  I also cut 5 batons to a little less than 3 decking boards wide as I didn’t want these to be noticeable once the planter is full.

Initially, I created the base with one baton across the middle holding 3 pieces together, and then worked my way up the sides with a baton in each corner, once I had the first level, I screwed it to the base, and then continued up.  Once complete I drilled some holes in the base for drainage, and lined with compost bags, (and holed the bags by the drainage holes), I also added a couple of scraps of wood to the base as feet, so that the main body is kept off the ground so it hopefully doesn’t rot, it was fairly heavy by that point, so move into position before filling!

Next Time….

Next Time I would want to use a power saw rather than handsaw to get straighter edges and use more batons, as I think it needed at least another at the centre on each side to hold it tighter together but I am happy with what I produced.  As I had the batton and screws already total cost was around £25, much less than buying something in the garden centre.

Decking Planter

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